Feedback #1 is the second of two issues written by Stan Lee about Matthew Atherton a.k.a. Feedback who was the winner of the first season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero.


Matthew Atherton is a talented computer technician who loves comic books and video games. He falls into a street fight at an arcade but isn't charged with any crimes by the police who cart the thgs away.

Matt takes a trip to the hospital where a sweet and beautiful nurse named Sarah Blevins patches him up.

As he leaves the hospital, a mysterious individual who calls himself Ironside approaches Matt and offers him a gig. He claims that he needs Matt's expertise in beta testing an advanced vehicle loaded with gadgets and software and which is controlled remotely.

Matt makes a modification and says the vehicle is ready to combat the terrorist known as The Eliminator. Now that his expertise is no longer needed, the real Eliminator reveals himself; Ironside was just a cover, he's the terrorist. He and his lackeys take Matt outside during a storm and believe he dies when lightning strikes him.

Matt recovers from the strike to discover that because he was holding a game controller, he had not only lived but also adapted superpowers controlling electricity. He vows to stop The Eliminator from carrying out his plans to use the vehicle to raid the city or worse.

After stopping to help a little girl, Matt asks Nurse Sarah if she has any sewing skills and before you know it, Sarah has created a costume for him. She believes it's only for a party. He makes the technology modifications later on without her knowing. Now using the name Feedback, he is off to find The Eliminator.

At the terrorist's lair, Feedback takes out the guards and then has to battle the minions around The Eliminator. He uses the energy he has saved up and beats the gang. Then he lures his foe who is covered in metallic implants, under a huge electromagnet. The Eliminator is caught in the field and trapped. Feedback reprograms the vehicle to return to the base so it doesn't destroy a nuclear plant. He runs from the building just before the vehicle returns and explodes.

Matt had beaten the villains and returns to Sarah where they both hope a relationship is beginning.