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Feedback was a superhero created by Stan Lee who was based on the winner of the first season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero.



Matthew Antherton started as a talented computer technician who loved comic books and video games. After getting into a fight he goes to the hospital where he meets a nurse named Sara Blevins who patches him up and develops a crush on. After leaving the hospital a man named Ironside approached Matthew and offered him a job because of his expertise in beta testing an advanced vehicle loaded with gadgets and software and which is controlled remotely.

Matthew then developed a vehicle armed with various weapons for Ironside, who planed on using it to combat a terrorist named The Eliminator. However, after the weapon was complete Ironside revealed to Matthew that he was the Eliminator. The Eliminator then had his men take Matthew outside during a lightning storm. Matthew is then struck by lightning and believing that he had died the thugs let Matthew there.

Matthew later recovers and discovers that because he was holding a video game controller he had adapted superpowers controlling electricity. Matthew then vowed to stop the Eliminator from using the vehicle to raid a city or worse.

Matthew Atherton the real life Feedback

Fighting Ironside[]

Matthew Antherton then asked Sara Blevins to sew him a costume which she does. Matthew then took the name Feedback and began to search for Ironside. Sometime later Feedback found Ironside's lair and battled the guards to get inside. Feedback then confronted Ironside. During their battle Feedback learns that Ironside wants to use the attack vehicle to destroy a nuclear power plant. Feedback was then able to lure Ironside underneath a huge electromagnet and uses it to trap Ironside by using the magnet on his cybernetic body. Feedback then reprogrammed the vehicle to destroy Ironside's base. After defeating Ironside, Feedback returned to Sara and they started a relationship.