The Menace (real name Hangor) was a villain created by Stan Lee and first appeared in Captain America #6 (1941).


Hagor's father hid $50,000 in bonds in the family home. Hangor would lose touch with his siblings and disapeared until after his fathers death. His sister inherited the family home, and nable to find the bonds would convert the home into a boarding house.

Sometime later Hangor changed his appearance and checked into the boarding house as a tenant. At night Hangor would murder other tenants in hopes of scaring the others away so that he could search for the bonds himself. 

Mike Curry would then check in and would later be a witness to a murder. Curry then learned of the bonds and set himself up as Hangor's next victim. Whne the Menace attempted to kil him, Curry overpowered him and trned him over to the police.